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Relevancy was found in 2016, the year when our team of experts made a leap forward and made its expertise official. Ever since then, we have been providing digital solutions worldwide, constantly striving to look for new and innovative ways to drive growth to our clients. But why is Relevancy your best choice for a digital agency in Jordan?

Relevancy Team

Digital Marketing Agency jawdat shammas relevancy agency

Jawdat Shammas

Digital Marketing Agency relevancy agency abdallah battah digital pharma marketing

Abdallah Battah

Digital Marketing Agency relevancy agency sarah jood

Sarah Jood

Digital Marketing Agency relevancy agency mechial makdah

Michael Makdah

hisham Relevancy Relevancy Agency

Hisham Hiasat

Relevancy is an interdisciplinary team of digital marketers —founded in 2016 by Jawdat Shamas and several digital marketing students that have accompanied his training. Since our inception, we have managed to work with clients from various backgrounds and in different countries; we proudly say that we have become friends

The reason behind the name. Being Relevant is paramount to success, whether it’s communicating with your audiences or speaking in a dialect that they would feel you understand their needs.  It’s all about landing a remarkable impression, and we do our best to make it to make you more relevant to your clients. 

We do our best to keep you as Relevant as possible to your audience in what we do.

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