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Relevancy Is a digital marketing agency in Jordan, We offer all the digital services and solutions such as digital analytics, Ads, training and consulting.

Software and Web development services

Relevancy is not only a digital marketing company, but also a reliable software and web development provider that will support your specific software and web development requirements. Whether a startup or an established business, Relevancy is your ideal development provider because we understand the needs of each business and provide our customers with creative and cutting-edge software and web development solutions that cover mobile application development, website design and development services, and desktop software development.


People search for products, services, information and tips – right now as we speak. The science behind making use of these searches lies in search engine optimization (SEO). If you have never heard about SEO before or only know little about it, it’s time to make it a first priority in your marketing campaign. Wondering why?

Digital Advertising (Google AdWords, Facebook ads, social ads)

The science behind advertising has always been complex for businesses to understand. On top of that, it has always been expensive and seen as a cost rather than an opportunity. In the modern world and the era of digital advertising, spreading the word about your business relates to an affordable, precise and viable solution that lets you increase your following.

Digital Marketing strategy

Do you have a digital marketing strategy?

If yes, we’d like to hear about it from you and improve it. If not, you may be losing a lot of clients and missing on a lot of opportunities. Which leads us to the following…

Digital Analytics using Google Analytics

Relevancy is your one-stop destination for the best full-service digital analytics. As an official and certified Google partner, we take pride in leveraging every bit of Google Analytics, and transforming this data to a strategic roadmap ready to be implemented on your behalf.